• Sponser Low Carb Protein Shake Vanilla 550g/jar

Sponser Low Carb Protein Shake Vanilla 550g/jar

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Tasty, high-quality protein shake based on milk protein, egg albumin and whey protein. Suitable as a protein and fibre-rich meal for a calorie-reduced diet, especially with a reduced proportion of carbohydrates (low carb). Ideal for supplementing and increasing the protein content of a meal in combination with salad, fruit and vegetables.

LOW CARB PROTEIN SHAKE by SPONSER® has a high biological value thanks to the high-quality milk and egg protein. The protein sources saturate in the long term and support the maintenance and build-up of muscle mass. This is particularly important in phases of reduced calorie intake to counteract increased loss of muscle mass. The functional ingredients L-carnitine and choline support the fat metabolism. One serving contains 300 mg L-carnitine from 100% pure CarniPure® as well as 2.5 g soluble dietary fibres, which provide additional saturation. Supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

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